Access® Pay Stations

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Access® Entry Stations

The most secure vault in any car wash POS entry station.


Only Access® offers a family of customer management systems that meets every operator’s needs. Every model includes a user-friendly interface, POS options, credit card processing, full reporting capability, Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS), simple interface with Access gate and loader system, and remote programmability.

Access is a powerful customer management system that offers complete site integration, marketing flexibility and multiple payment options. No other system offers the same level of security and built-in payment flexibility. The Access Customer Management System delivers the high quality you have come to expect from PDQ.

Information contained herein subject to change without notice.

Key Features

  • Industry’s Most Secure Vault
  • Accepts Cash, Credit Cards, Loyalty Cards, Codes, & Tokens
  • Dispenses Change in $1 Bills
  • Customer Loyalty System option
  • RFID System option
  • Built-in Web Interface for Updating, Reporting & Monitoring

Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Hear, Easy-to-Use
The ergonomic design of our Access entry unit includes a user-friendly layout featuring large buttons, high-quality audio prompts and easy-to-read screens. Instructions are clear and concise.

The Best Security on the Market
Access is equipped with a number of standard security features. The S-Series includes a built-in heavy-duty, patented combination-locked vault, and every Access features a door open sensor that automatically emails the wash owner when the door is opened.

Remote Communications and Real-Time Monitoring
Wash operators can update the Access system, monitor transactions, and gather detailed reports on technical and financial information – all from a remote location.

Greater Marketing Flexibility
Bricked-in or pedestal mounting, with POS or without – Access offers a variety of models to fit any needs. Wash owners also can customize the Access sign topper, screens, and audio to add their own advertisements or marketing messages.

Complete Site Integration
Access is the only wash entry system that is completely integrated with the car wash system. Two-way communication between the entry unit and select LaserWash products is accomplished using a single network cable (easy installation, no more bundles of wire). The system integrates into PDQ’s Simplified Site Network that allows all connected devices to share communications.

Easy Installation and Serviceability
Not only is Access easy to use, it’s easy to install and maintain. Plug and play installations allow for quick set-up and easy routine maintenance. Access maintenance can be performed without entering the vault, giving wash owners ultimate security of the cash storage area.


Access S-Series

The Access S-Series features the industry’s most secure vault and an integrated stacker that aligns and stacks bills to eliminate laborious hand stacking. The S-Series accepts payment by bills up to $20 for single washes or up to $100 for purchases of multiple washes or replenishment of a Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS) account. It also offers accepts credit card, loyalty club cards, credit accounts, debit accounts, codes, and tokens.

For operators looking for the benefits of a completely automated carwash entry system, the S-Series offers the most secure, innovative, and easy to use customer management system available incorporating a durable two post design, customizable multi-media messages, loyalty program, and complete site management with remote access.

Access B-Series

The Access B-Series is a basic cash unit that accepts cards, codes, coins and bills up to $20.

The B-Series appeals to operators looking for a reliable, innovative basic-cash (cash and coin in, coin only out) customer management system. It offers the simplest but most advanced units available and incorporates a user friendly interface, POS options, and SMS/WALS compatibility while requiring a smaller investment than Access’ top-of-the-line S-Series.

The B-Series unit incorporates customer friendly screens and audio prompts, WALS services messages, credit card processing, full reporting, and simple interface to the Access Traffic Management System.

Access N-Series

The Access N-Series is a non-cash system for locations where cash handling is not desired. The N-Series accepts both cards and codes.

The N-Series appeals to operators looking for a reliable, innovative non-cash customer management system. Payment options include card and code only. It offers the simplest but most advanced units available and incorporates a user friendly interface, POS options, and SMS/WALS compatibility while requiring a smaller investment than Access’ top-of-the-line S-Series.

The N-Series unit incorporates customer friendly screens and audio prompts, WALS service messages, credit card processing, full reporting, and simple interface to the Access Traffic Management System.


Certified EMV Chip Card Processing with Options!Certified EMV Chip Card Processing with Options

PDQ�s EMV chip card enabled Access entry station is fully certified and available in multiple configurations to suit each wash operator�s unique needs. This new offering meets all PA-DSS and PCI compliance regulations and is fully certified to process chip card transactions through Moneris. Moneris brings an unique feature set designed to help the wash operator maximize their operational efficiency. Here are just a few highlights:


  • Utilizes Verifone hardware
  • Convenient one-stop shopping with Moneris being the processor and bank in one
  • Already one of the top processors in Canada with vast experience in EMV implementations
  • Certified for processing Interac debit

Access PayGlow Illumination Payment System

Make your wash stand out from the crowd!

Not only will the Access PayGlow Illumination Payment System help improve your customer flow, it can also be configured to work for you 24/7/365 by illuminating your wash day and night whether there  is a vehicle in your bay or not.  The system can be programmed to display multiple color combinations of flashing patterns, or constant colored illumination that matches your brand image.  A glowing beacon outside your wash bay can be a highly effective way of drawing more attention to your wash site and encouraging consumers to take notice.  Tie unique promotions into the color of the glow and keep your customers coming back again and again.

Get your wash noticed 24 hours a day with the Access PayGlow Illumination Payment System.

  • Increase customer traffic
  • Assist in customer loading process (Green / Red / Yellow)
  • Offer unique specials tied to the color of the Access PayGlow Illumination Payment System
  • Reinforce your brand image / colors
  • Support your local sports teams by displaying their team colors
  • Display holiday color patterns
  • Delight your customers with a variety of colors with each wash package
  • Can be installed on new orders from the factory or as a retrofit kit installed in the field

Retrofit Kits

Access S-Series Intrinsyc Upgrade

Convert your Access S Series Intrinsyc (CMS1) to the Titan controls platform! Four different kits are available depending on your needs and upgrade path. All kits include a new dual-head card reader, a new 25% larger display screen that is 3x brighter, and new PA-DSS compliant software with features that include time-based pricing/discounting, improved up-sell and display capabilities, support for up to 16 wash packages, as well as the ability to gain more loyalty from your customers with improved WALS features.

View the Upgrade Kit

Access AMTT N-Series Retrofit Kit

Transform your old Ryko® AMTT entry station into a new, more user friendly, PDQ Access N Series unit with this convenient and easy to install retrofit kit.

The Access AMTT N Series Retrofit kit is ideal for customers looking to update an old and outdated entry station with the latest technology. It saves valuable time and money over purchasing a new unit, is easy to install, and provides advanced reporting and programming features that will help you manage your site more effectively and efficiently. Reuse your existing stainless steel AMTT cabinet and replace only the door panel and internal components. The Access AMTT N Series Retrofit kit provides the same innovative features and functionality as our standard Access N Series units, including interaction with WALS, Cortex, and POS devices.

  • Components bolt onto existing mounting points within the AMTT cabinet
  • Accepts payment by credit card, code, or loyalty card
  • Remote changing of wash pricing, special offers, and advertising screens
  • Daily sales and shift reporting
  • Error and alert reporting

Also available:

Access AMTT Basic Code Retrofit Kit

The Access AMTT Basic Code Retrofit kit will convert your old Ryko® AMTT entry station into an Access Code Only unit. This retrofit kit includes a new front door with preinstalled graphics and keypad along with an internal electronics panel. Current electrical connections and the cabinet from your existing AMTT can be reused.

Access Basic Code Retrofit Kit

This Access Basic Code Retrofit kit converts an existing Ryko® Basic Code entry station into an Access Code Only unit. This retrofit kit includes a new sliding drawer panel that houses the front face plate, keypad, graphics, and all internal electronic components combined on one easy to install unit. Remove the old drawer, slide in the new one, make the wire connections and program the POS for a simple and efficient installation.

Code Management Module (CMM)

Code Management Modules can be installed in either on-site of off-site configurations depending on building requirements and can interface with all major automated fuel dispenser manufacturers for seamless wash purchases at the pump or register.

Sell WALS loyalty accounts via optional interface and card reader (available with local CMM’s only). Simple console design is compact and rugged enough to withstand any mishap behind the service counter. Sell car washes from anywhere on your site with Access CMM Systems. PDQ’s CMM Systems enable wash sales through the gas pump or CMM console.

The Offsite CMM requires no internet connection, wires or antennas to create or redeem codes. This means codes can be sold from literally anywhere! Offsite CMM can also be used to partner with other retailers to increase the number of sales channels for your wash.

Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS)

PDQ’s Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS) is an easy-to-use customer relationship management software that can help you build loyalty programs that are both impactful and relevant to all your customers. It offers you the flexibility of creating variety of marketing and loyalty programs to draw in new customers and retain existing ones. Best of all, it lets you implement and manage your loyalty program securely over the Internet with a standard web browser.

WALS Features & Benefits

  • The best loyalty system on the market – designed specifically for the car wash industry.
  • Use the same loyalty cards or gift cards at multiple washes.
  • Supports unlimited fleet accounts and unlimited consumer accounts under one or multiple loyalty clubs.
  • Supports loyalty card accounts and card-less accounts. For card-less accounts, the club owner provides only a loyalty club number and member number to the account owner.
  • For card-less accounts, WALS can automatically email a “Wallet Card” for the account owner. There is no need to provide the customer with a loyalty card, and if a customer misplaces their Wallet Card, just email another one to them!
  • Supports both debit (prepaid) and credit (post-pay) accounts.
  • Accommodates club card, club code, and gift card payment alternatives.
  • Allows the Access to capture bulk sales utilizing the Current Special.
  • Accounts can be setup as either a dollar/funds account, a wash package account, or a subscription account.
  • Customers can easily replenish/recharge their accounts right from the Access unit.
  • All transactions are processed in real time and account balances are updated immediately.
  • Review account information such as current balance and account activity reports.
  • Full transaction audit trail listing every carwash transaction and every balance adjustment. Reports can be viewed, printed, and emailed.
  • Send an email to a member after each time they receive a carwash with a customized message or thank you note.
  • Schedule emails to users with low balances or send emails to all members announcing a new promotion.
  • As an extra service, a Club Interface can be developed by PDQ that will link a wash owner’s website to WALS. A Club Interface would allow loyalty accounts/members to maintain their own accounts through the car wash operator’s own website.

Adding WALS and enabling the Current Special with Replenishment can significantly increase your revenue!

Access Current Special Sales* 2010 2011 2012
Sample Club #1 (11 units, 8 locations): $165,675 $104,313 $113,383
Sample Club #2 (4 units, 2 locations): $27,126 $22,171 $23,923
Sample Club #3 (2 units, 1 location): $17,080 $18,205 $17,360
Access WALS Replenish Sales* 2010 2011 2012
Sample Club #1 (11 units, 8 locations): $225,422 $245,634 $265,789
Sample Club #2 (4 units, 2 locations): $9,709 $16,624 $23,733
Sample Club #3 (2 units, 1 location): $13,588 $17,913 $21,677

WALS Club Interface

Use the buying power of the web to capture more wash sales! PDQ has developed a consumer friendly website portal that allows your wash customers to purchase your wash services online. The portal allows your customers to update, manage and make purchases through their WALS account.

The club interface gives you a professionally designed website which is customizable to include your company’s specific branding and logos. The interface is easy to manage and updates can be made by you as often as you need, with no programming skills. It’s that easy!

Club Interface Features & Benefits

  • Real-time online transactions allow your customers to replenish their account without visiting your wash
  • Streamlined purchase process makes it easy for new customers to become members
  • Administrative section that allows you to modify many aspects of your Club Interface such as:
    • Modify text on nearly every page
    • Modify purchase options for both packages and funds
    • Change your printable coupon to run current specials
    • Add your own custom page
    • and more!
  • Automatic hyperlinks to maps of your site locations so your customers can easily find you
  • Customer login allows your customers to maintain their own contact information so you are always up-to-date

Consumers rely on the internet to purchase goods and services, and having a website for your customers gives you an advantage to capture more revenue. To demonstrate how a website portal can assist you in growing your business, view the samples below.

WALS Club Interface Sales* 2010 2011 2012
Sample Club #1 (12 locations): $75,873 $75,562 $85,316
Sample Club #2 (3 locations): $18,122 $18,107 $19,541
Sample Club #3 (1 location): $14,648 $13,777 $17,081

*Represents activity from Jan 1, 2010 – Dec 31, 2012. Statistics were pulled from actual owner/operators utilizing WALS Current Special, WALS Replenishment and the WALS Club Interface.

EasyAccess RFID

This wireless identification system can increase your car throughput, help you ensure positive cash-flow and deliver a no-hassle experience for customers*. No more magnetic strips – simply affix the RFID windshield tag to the inside of your customers vehicle and they’re set!

Benefits for Wash Operators

  • Improves cash flow
  • Pre-paid wash programs
  • Repeat business / loyalty
  • Flexible wash programs
  • Improved throughput
  • Subscription-based transactions
  • RFID tags and RFID reader graphics can be custom designed

Benefits for Customers

  • Express Lane / VIP Lane
  • Hands free – no more fumbling for credit cards or cash
  • Less hassle – quicker entry into wash

*Access and WALS required for RFID

Access Traffic Management System

Imagine being able to ease congestion and improve traffic flow at your site, especially at busy facilities during peak hours. PDQ’s Access Traffic Management System makes this possible. The Access Traffic Management System consist of multiple Access entry units, Access Gates, and the Access Tunnel Loading System. Together, they create a flow pattern for traffic.

The Access Traffic Management System allows the first person who completes their transaction to enter the wash. When the vehicle clears the loading area, Access Gate opens for the next vehicle. Faster pre-loading and staging of vehicles keeps vehicles moving, increasing the number of vehicles processed.

Key Benefits
– Faster vehicle loading
– Increases the number of vehicles processed
– Creates a comfortable environment for the customer
– Reduces the need for cash-handling attendants

PCI Compliance

PDQ Manufacturing is dedicated to protecting wash operators. PDQ’s Access Customer Management System (CMS) has been validated as being PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standards) compliant. This validation helps wash operators meet compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) by minimizing the potential for security breaches and compromised credit card information. PA-DSS encourages practices that protect stored data, tightens security access, and eliminates full magnetic stripe data retention.

Back in June of 2008, PDQ Manufacturing was the first car wash manufacturer to provide a high-speed compliant payment application for your car wash. Today, we continue to provide operators with a compliant product by maintaining our software with the strict standards set forth by the PCI Security Standards Council. To view all compliant providers, please see the searchable List of Validated Payment Applications on the PCI Security Standards Council’s website. For more information on PCI compliance and how/when it will affect you, please visit the PCI Security Standards Council’s website or contact your merchant service provider.

Why PA-DSS Compliance is Important

Being PA-DSS compliant validates that a specific device adheres to the standards set forth by VISA’s CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) and that credit card information stored, transmitted or processed by those devices is done so in a secure fashion. Using PA-DSS compliant devices at your location will assist you in becoming PCI certified by following the guidelines laid out by the PCI DSS. These standards help minimize the potential for security breaches and compromised credit card information, which you as the merchant are ultimately responsible for.

Watch a video on why compliance is important

Credit Card Security and the Access Unit

Beginning January 1 st, 2008, merchant acquirers began requiring level 4 merchants to adhere to a new payment security standard. Due to these security requirements, PDQ has changed the software in the Access S, B, and N Series to be compliant, which will affect the credit card payment processors that carwash operators (merchants) can use.

In previous version of software, PDQ supported five payment processors domestically:

  • RBS Lynk
  • Concord EFSnet
  • Alliance Data Systems
  • FDR Omaha

To be compliant, PDQ only supports a direct connection to the following payment processors:

  • First Data (Concord EFSnet)
  • Plug-n-Pay (gateway)
  • (gateway)

Those customers currently using Tsys, RBS Lynk, Alliance Data Systems, or FDR Omaha should consider speaking with their merchant acquirer (the CC processor) or service provider to determine if the acquirer supports one of the above platforms.

Through an account , carwash operators will be able to process credit cards through the following payment processors:

  • CardSystems
  • Concord EFS, Data Merchant Services
  • FDC, aka First Merchant Services FDMS, Nashville or Envoy processing platforms
  • FDCO aka FDR-First Data Resources, Omaha
  • Global Payments, aka GPS, GPN NDC or Global East Information Systems
  • RBS Lynk / Lynk Systems
  • Elavon, Formally known as Nova
  • Paymentech  (Tampa processing platform)
  • TSYS Acquiring Solutions (SM).  aka  VITAL and Visa Net

Transaction fees may vary by the merchant acquirer selected. Carwash operators should contact several acquirers or service providers for competitive quotes. Please note that acquirers may not support all the payment processors listed above.

DataTran processing will not be available going forward. Carwash operators using DataTran dial-up modems will be required to replace the DataTran modem with a dial up modem and obtain an ISP (Internet Service Provider) if it is not currently present on-site. The second option would be to update the ISP to a broadband connection and process transactions through a high speed connection.

The following merchant acquirers can process credit cards currently using the Concord EFSnet platform and can create merchant accounts for Access operators.

Paul Asaban
First Data/EFSnet
(P) 540-220-5341
(C) 540-846-7285
(F) 540-752-0721
Jamie Martin
Priority Payment Systems
(P) 404-932-6930
(C) 404-932-6905
(F) 404-420-2425
Ron Barr
Heartland Payment Systems
(P) 502-905-7112
Mary Beth Schafer
Concord EFS/First Data
(P) 817-379-1625
(C) 214-734-5808
(F) 954-509-9273

A PA-DSS compliant software download is available to all current Access CMS2 customers. Please consult with your local distributor regarding this software or login to your account to download a copy.

Qualified Security Assessors

Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) are security consultants providing phone or on-site data security assessments for PCI DSS Compliance. PDQ recommends hiring a QSA if the merchant (wash operator) is unaware of the requirements and actions necessary to become PCI compliant. Businesses seeking assistance with becoming PCI compliant can contact a Qualified Security Assessor from a listing published on the or websites.


Already own an Access entry station? Below is a list of a few items that can be added to your Access to increase your sites revenue. Just click on the links to view the items in our online store.